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Colorado County map

A small sampling of wildflower photos indexed by color and by family name, common name, or scientific name (click on the headings). These wildflowers are from the western tier counties of Colorado, generally from Mesa County north to Moffat County and, with a few exceptions, below 2000 meters elevation. It is not meant to be an inclusive list of plants. They are merely some of the wildflowers that I have encountered while doing plant surveys or while hiking.

The photos here might give you a start in order to identify a plant (though some people can use a plant key much faster). I would recommend finalizing your decision with a good reference containing a detailed plant description.

Currently plant taxonomy is in a great state of flux. Use whichever name you need to in order to get the job done.

The scientific names I have used here are from the USDA Plant Database. The USDA website also lists synonyms for each plant name.

The common names are also taken from the USDA and may not necessarily reflect those commonly used in your locale.

I rely mostly on three books for plant ID:
   * Weber, W. A., and R. C. Wittmann, 2012. Colorado Flora. Western Slope. 532 pages. University Press of Colorado, Boulder Colorado.
   * Ackerfield, Jennifer, 2015. Flora of Colorado. 818 pages. The BRIT Press, Fort Worth, Texas.
   * Welsh, Stanley L., N. Duane Atwood, Sherel Goodrich, Larry C. Higgins, 2015. A Utah Flora. 987 pages. Bringham Young University, Provo, Utah.

A very useful website is:
   - Al Schneider's Wildflowers, Ferns, & Trees of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, & Utah.

Sometimes an author's preferred plant name is different than that on the USDA website. If a name differs you might find it on the "Plant Spreadsheet" linked at the top upper left.

Colors: Red includes pink and orange. Greenish flowers include not only green colors but also any small nondistinct flower (e.g. Krascheninnikovia) as well as non-flowering plants. The color scheme is not perfect, and then again neither are my eyes! For example, pink colored flowers are probably in the Red page but could possibly be in the Blue-Purple page.

Unlike the photos found on many other websites my photos are not masterpieces. I usually carry a simple 'point and shoot' camera and often did not, or could not, take the time to compose photos. Most often it was a hasty 'click' and then get moving!