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Cactus Park arrowhead Miscellaneous Pics - 2012
Colorado Nat. Mon. lithic Miscellaneous Pics - 2015
Colorado Nat. Mon. lithic, brush Miscellaneous Pics - 2018
Comb Ridge ruins, petroglyph Comb Ridge
DeBeque hole-in-cap can Miscellaneous Pics - 2018
DeBeque lithic Work Stuff 2010
DeBeque lithic Miscellaneous Pics - 2015
Devil's Canyon petroglyph Devil's Canyon
Dominguez Canyon petroglyph Dominguez Canyon
Dominguez Canyon petroglyph Miscellaneous Pics - 2012
Grand Mesa hunting blind Miscellaneous Pics - 2016
Grand Mesa hunting blind Miscellaneous Pics - 2017
Gunnison Bluffs arrowhead Misc. Pics 2008
Gunnison Bluffs lithic Miscellaneous Pics - 2012
Gunnison Bluffs wombat Wombat
Holmes Mesa gravestone Work Stuff 2008
Hovenweep Holly & Painted Hands:
ruins, potsherds
Hovenweep Square Tower:
ruins, petroglyph
Hunting Grounds lithic, pictograph Flaking Site
Hunting Grounds lithic Misc. Pics 2010
Little Park Road bottle Miscellaneous Pics - 2016
Loma lithic work area Miscellaneous Pics - 2018
McDonald Creek pictograph, petroglyph McDonald Creek
Mule Canyon petroglyph Oldies but Goodies
Palisade petroglyph Palisade Petroglyphs
Parachute arrowhead Work Stuff 2008
Polluck Canyon cabin Polluck Canyon
Rulison gravestone Work Stuff 2008
Sego Canyon petroglyphs Sego Canyon Rock Art
Seven Mile Canyon petroglyphs Seven Mile Canyon
Seven Mile Canyon pictograph Miscellaneous Pics - 2013
Unaweep Canyon wombat, petroglyph Wombat Hill and Devil's Canyon

An introduction to historical artifacts is Recognizing Historical Sites and Artifacts by Sharon A. Waechter (CAL FIRE)