The Python program does some simple text file revisions. I made it because sometimes I wanted to make the same change on a few hundred html pages. It has been tested on Python3 with Tkinter 8.5. Using should be fairly straight forward. Use the help buttons to guide you.

choose function menu

Tweeker Option Window

Left: Select function menu.

Right: Select option menu.

A compendium of file changes will always be listed in the terminal as well as in an optional compendium file.

You can run by using the command:

An example compendium for a single file is below.

Hint: to copy and paste in Tkinter entry boxes use ctrl+c and ctrl+v.

Here is a zip file of images for the button display. You can use your own small .gif files for decoration. The images in the zip file are 16px x 16px. Download: tweeker_icons.tar.gz