*NEW! You can now use a Pyinstall build of!

The gpx_transform_60 tar.gz download includes everything needed (Python3, gdal, data files, libraries, &c.). The only prerequisite is a 64 bit Linux distribution. The build was tested on Debian "Jessie". It unpacks into a single folder 39.7 mB large. You do not have to install any dependencies. Source code, example GPX files, and image icons are included. Be sure to look at the READ_ME folder for helpful hints.

Tkinter Choose GPX Program Window

With Gpx_Transform you can:
* Transform a GPX file into a CSV (text file)
* Convert a GPX file into a shape file
* Transform a CSV file into a GPX file
* Convert a shape file into a GPX file
* Transform a GPX file of multiple tracks into single track with multiple segments
* Break up a single line GPX file into multiple lines
* Round off GPX lat/lon coordinates was tested on Debian "Jessie" with Python 3.4.2 and Tkinter 8.5. and placing the files in the image folder (created the first time you run the program).

GPX Choose Arguments Window

GPX_Transform allows the user to choose configuration files, letting the user pick different style formats as needed.

GPX_Transform will set up the necessary folder (gpx_transform_60) and subfolders in your home directory and will create argument and option configuration files from default values. Simply download and start to use it. You can customize various user preferences in the configuration files or in the View Configuration Window.

CSV to GPX Option Window view config window

Above left: CSV2GPX option window. Above right: GPX2CSVSHP option window.

Below: sample waypoint CSV output is below. You can customize headings and columns.

Below is another data set opened in Libre Office Calc: