Allerlei (Miscellaneous)

Astronomy Stuff

Modern Constellations in Brief
Short descriptions of the modern constellations. The illustrations are from Burritt, Hevelius, or Filling the Sky.
Antlia to Coma Berenices
Crux to Lynx
Mensa to Pyxis
Reticulum to Vulpecula

Modern Constellations Addendum
A few odds and ends about some modern constellations: CVn, Dor, Lyn, and Mon.

Modern Constellations Sky Culture
View the modern constellations in Stellarium!
This sky culture contains the constellation figures of Vopel, Plancius, Keyser, Hevelius, and LaCaille.

Classical Constellations in Brief
Short classical constellation stories.These stories were written primarily for children. The illustrations are from Burritt.
Andromeda to Auriga
Boötes to Cassiopeia
Centaurus to Corvus
Crater to Eridanus
Gemini to Libra
Lupus to Perseus
Pisces to Serpens
Taurus to Virgo

Aratus' classic poem about the constellations.

Ursa Major
Will show you how to find the bear in Ursa Major and includes a short description of the Rabbit Net asterism.

Big Dipper-Ancient Symbol
Describes a possible connection between the Big Dipper and an age-old symbol.

Rifle Impact Site.
A study of the alleged Rifle Meteor Impact Site.

My Telescopes
Pictures of my telescopes.

A few of my photos of comets and constellations.

Book Excerpts

Barentsz's 1596 Voyage
Plancius helped plan Barentsz's route in his attempt to find the northeast passage. Here is the story of Barentsz's adventure.

In his "Voyages and Travels" John Pinkerton included an illustration and some text about Stonehenge.

Nature Stuff

Echo Canyon & the Stream Orchid
The story of a canyon and the Stream Orchid (Epipactis gigantea) that grows there.

Star Flowers
Flowers with the word 'star' in their name.

Dwarf Pincushion Plant
Chamaechaenactis scaposa - this small plant caught my attention while hiking. Here are some photos.

Snow Doodles
Strange tracks on top of the snow.

Western Colorado Wildflowers
A small sampling of wildflower photos. Indexed by color, common name, or scientific name.

Python Programs

GPX Transform
GPX Transform processes a GPX waypoint or track file into/from a shapefile or CSV file. Various formatting of GPX files is also possible. Program works on Linux with Python 3.

File Tweeker performs a few minor changes on text files. It can do batch file revisions such as replacing one string with another.

Time Converter simply takes GPX formatted UT time and converts it to local time. Works on non-GPX formats as well.

Words and Art

Just a few art things.

Poetry, graffiti, prose.
A few tidbits that you may find interesting.
Poetry, graffiti, prose. #2

Short story by Mark Twain.